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"Bible Burlesque" Paula Ewin and Ed Norton

BIBLE BURLESQUE. By Bill Nave. Directed by Vera Beren.
“The Brightness of Heaven”
Paula Ewin is quite touching and often very humorous as the longwidowed Mary.
Whether discussing recipes or weighty matters, she is charming and poignant.”
TheatreScene.Net Darryl Reilly
Paula and Kate Mulgrew in "Totally Kate"
Tea at Five" is a heaping helping of Katharine Hepburn. And Paula Ewin serves her well. Ewin shows good and subtle intonation range, showing vulnerability and insecurity, and sounding alternately endearing and demanding. Ewin delivers a good and not exaggerated impersonation of Hepburn’s tremulous Parkinson’s –produced voice. And at the end of the show, you feel you know Hepburn better, or maybe too well.”

Bryan Rourke - The Providence Journal

“Throughout the reception, Paula Ewin, Kate Mulgrew’s talented understudy, entertained us, singing songs both new and old.”
      “Totally Kate” Cuillo Center, West Palm Beach